3 Modern Ways to Drape a Sari : Anaka Narayanan

Naka grew up surrounded by handloom made and hand-crafted textiles. She owes her love for the fabric to watching her mother run a sari business.

For those of you who don’t know, she is the designer & proprietor of Brass Tacks and believes in creating clothes that have a modern silhouette, made out of natural textiles, perfect for the urban woman.


I met Anaka during the launch of her store in Bangalore, and beyond the fact that she designs some amazing clothes, I loved her style! She is refined & creative in her way of dressing. You will often find her wearing saris with regular tops, shirts, pants, and belts, with pleats in the back, side, or with the pallu twisted around her neck – anything but the ubiquitous drape of 6 pleats in front and the pallu tossed over the left shoulder. When I dug a little deeper into her love for saris and drapes, I found out so much more. It's fascinating to see how she believes that a sari can be put together to fit your lifestyle and personality,  for occasion ranging from the party to running errands. So it felt like the perfect opportunity to explore Anaka’s creative process and personal style a bit further and all the stories that came with it.

Below, are three fav ways Anaka likes to drapes her sari, it was fun shooting her- so  check it out 

1. Dhoti Style :
This idea came to her when she attended a workshop by Rta Kapur Chishti and learned how to drape a sari with a dhoti bottom.I like how she kept it effortlessly chic and did not let it fall into “too serious” trap by keeping things peppy with pastel shoes.

How to drape a saree 32. Front & Back Pleats

 Well, why only on the front, when you can add some pleats at the back as well. She made a few pleats both at the front and back and wore it over a nice green skirt with her trusted vans. So perfect!

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3. Pallu Around the Neck
This pallu draping style can be done with any kind of sari. She wrapped the sari pallu around your neck and cinched it using a thin belt. She also opted for a mashru boxy sleeves blouse making the whole look so elegant yet trendy.

How to drape a saree 2

 Would you give Sari a fresh look next time you see it in your wardrobe? I am certainly going to 

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